Friday, June 20, 2008

Lake Forest Color and Cut

Over the years there have been many exciting changes in the hair business. Instead of basic colors and haircuts, we now use color as a tool to enhance a great hairstyle, regardless of length. The language has changed and we now talk about placement of highlights, dimension and movement, whether it is conservative or bold. Hair color illuminates the face and should compliment your complexion. Glorious hair that brings out your best features is the first thing people notice. It is also age defying and just plain fun. Creating a good, first impression builds confidence in your business, as well as personal life.

I would love being the hairdresser that gives you that edge, that head turning first impression that says "I know who I am and I love the way I look"! I stay up to date by taking many classes in color and cuts to stay updated and give you the newest look. You can bring a picture - I love that.

Give me a call. Let's get you looking your best. I work at Marc & Co., a beautiful upscale salon that is family owned with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. My phone number is 949-859-1639.